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Part One: Identity

Full Name: Nire Fox
*There is a story behind the name, I promise. Even if the story is that her parents are hippies who named their kids after Pokémon. She takes the ‘ni’ from Nidoqueen and the ‘re’ from the legendary Regi trio of Hoenn.
Nicknames: Little Doctor Fox (or just Doc), courtesy of a teasing Professor Birch. Foxy, and I think that one is Brock’s fault.
Age: (Story Specific) 18
Fandom: Pokémon
Date of Birth: October 14th
Zodiac Sign: Libra

Part Two: Physical Attributions

Skin Tone: Fair, but rosy or ruddy
Eye Color: Cloud gray
Hair Color/Length: Light red/auburn, almost a rusty color, in a chin-length flip with side-swept bangs
Height: 5’2”
Style: Quirky, earthy, practical
Piercings: One in each ear, but earrings don’t generally agree with her
Notable Accessories/Aspects: Hardly ever seen without a pencil behind her ear and a backpack (which seems to hold everything) over her shoulders. Normally seen with her notebook out too, which itself is filled with rough-draft reports, disjointed notes/observations, and “essence” illustrations.
Birthmarks: A strawberry mark on her left shoulder blade and a mole on her right br-FFFF who wants to know about that?

Part Three: Pokémon

Trainer Class: Researcher

Preferred Team:
Chansey – Rosey (F)
notes: rescued from poachers as a Happiny; very helpful, eager to please, super-affectionate, a little bit nosy… okay, really nosy.

Stantler – Dewey (M)
notes: recently acquired, and a conventional capture; the very same one that Brock took care of as a baby; social, natural leader, scared/at a loss when alone.

Miltank – Bess (F)
notes: recently acquired, and a conventional capture; resourceful, patient, observant, learns quickly, basically the head mother of the team’s triple matriarchy.

Kangaskhan – Sheila (F)
notes: recently acquired, and a Safari Zone capture; protective, introverted, gets along better with smaller Pokémon, has a hair-trigger temper.

Sentret – Alvin (M)
notes: given to her by her brother; hyperactive, impatient, runs ahead to scope things/people out, will basically perch himself anywhere.

Yorterry – Skip (M)
notes: released by his trainer because he was too skittish to battle, and stowed away in Nire’s open backpack; sensitive, shy, defensive, much prefers the backpack to a Pokéball.

Pokémon Specialization Expertise: Normal
Sub-Expertise: None per se, though many of her Pokémon not on her main team are scattered grass, ground, or bug types
Number of Pokémon Collected:
Number of Pokémon Seen: I will get back to you on that count, but a lot, suffice it to say
Badges: None.

  Part Four: Psychological Attributions

-Nervous giggling
-May take notes on anything available, including her hands/arms
-Rambling. All the time. That’s just how she talks.

-Curious/loves to learn
-Eager to please


Beverage- Ice water or red bush tea, or even sports drinks
Food- Mashed potatoes and pepper gravy, and she typically has fruit stashed in her backpack for when she’s out on the field, most often strawberries, pears, or cherry tomatoes
Flavor of Ice Cream- Pistachio-almond
Flower- Honeysuckle
Color- Forest-green or copper
Genre of Music- Anything with creative instrumentals. Combining a pop beat with trumpets and harmonica? It works! Interesting a cappella/beatboxing arrangements? All over that! Whatever the heck instrumental layering techniques Savage Garden does? Yes, yes, yes!

Least Favorite:
Beverage- Anything with heart-exploding amounts of sugar/caffeine, like energy drinks or espresso
Food- Super-rich desserts. She’s a girl, she likes chocolate, but chocolate cake filled with chocolate ice cream and chocolate pudding, topped with icing and sprinkles and syrup and coconut and candied cherries and my god that’s a death sentence.
Flavor of Ice Cream- Any flavor is fine, it’s drowning it in toppings that’s too much for her
Flower- Rafflesia. Look it up. ;)
Color- How can you dislike a color?
Genre of Music- Metal, emo, and anything else that requires screaming into a microphone for most of the song. Way to ruin the music, jackasses.

Naturally from the Hoenn region, she and her family were Pokémon rangers in Littleroot Town, guiding travelers and protecting the wild Pokémon in the area. They kept ties with Officer Jenny, in case drastic measures needed to be taken, and with Professor Birch, to keep things largely undisturbed when he researched close to home. Sometimes they met others through those connections – Professor Birch once entertained an old friend, who brought his young daughter May along – but by and large the Fox family interacted much more with Pokémon than with people.

In one notable incident when Nire was 11, poachers came through Littleroot Town with several Chansey-family Pokémon, intending to sell them and their eggs for exorbitant prices. They’d passed themselves off as delivery men for a new Pokémon center, but it wasn’t long before the resident rangers got wise and, with a little help from Officer Jenny, caught the criminals and returned the captive Pokémon. They did, however, get to keep one, a newly hatched Happiny who’d been caught in the crossfire, and Nire claimed her, dubbed her Rosey, and nursed her to health.

Though Nire loved Pokémon and being out in the wild, she grew restless as she got older, and a handful of times convinced her parents that, since girls her age and even younger were off on their own Pokémon journeys, she should be able to travel at least sometimes… and after all, they already trusted Professor Birch, and he just so happened to travel a lot…? So she occasionally tagged along on his research expeditions, and slowly began seeing herself less as a ranger and more as a researcher. When she came to terms with this, her immediate response was that she could stay and work for Professor Birch... but he convinced her that she needed to find her own way first, and if she still felt that way later on, then they would talk.

So, bidding goodbye to her family and the professor, she took her Pokémon and finally set off on her own. She spent some time in Johto first, which is where she captured half of the Pokémon that ended up on her main team, but it wasn't long before her curiosity led her to a huge competition in Sinnoh, where, thanks to accidentally getting in with a ragtag sort of group - chipper Lina, cool Elizabeth, and the breakthrough star Madame Magi who'd caused much of the buzz about the tournament - she eventually came to meet a few of the  trainers we already know and love, including a certain Pokémon watcher  who is the perfect research partner (when he's not turning her into a tongue-tied idiot).

Very observant, she is quiet and withdrawn to most – no doubt in part due to her lack of social experience – but a source of wicked zingers and pointless trivia to those who are close. Friends, family, and Pokémon come before herself (though in no certain order), and so she tends to not tell others when she has a problem or a secret – though it’s not unheard of for others to pick it up on their own. Even then, though, she has sometimes been known to overreact when they do, particularly if she's messed something up or failed to meet her own standards. She also seems to have terrible luck, in almost a 'running gag' sort of  way - whenever she loosens up, whether it's swearing, confessing some  odd thing, telling awful jokes, impersonating someone, or whatever, she almost always gets caught in the act - and usually by the worst person  possible for the situation!

She is, in a word, terrible at driving; she initially learned from Professor Birch, who is likely the most reckless driver in the entire Hoenn region, and that haphazard technique landed her in a wreck that’s kept her away from a steering wheel for a while now. (Quite possibly not learning her lesson, she's saving for a new car.) She has a moderate fear of heights, though she’s all right if she has some reason to feel safe – and more often than not, that means if she’s got a Pokémon with her. After all, if they can make it up fine, then if she follows them, she can too. However, this doesn’t apply to her more intense fear of water (and spastic-to-nonexistent swimming skills) – she can have all her Pokémon, but she’s still not going in! This stems from a bad childhood experience with a Tentacruel. She's vowed to conquer her fear of the Pokémon, and she does want to learn how to swim finally, though she's embarrassed of her lack of skill, and worries she'll never find a teacher willing to take on someone her age.

On a lighter note, she is an artist in every sense of the word, goes through ‘word phases,’ and has some of the weirdest and wildest ideas, suggestions, or epiphanies. She has a strange knack for doing spot-on impressions, whether of people or of Pokémon, and she’s not entirely sure where she gets it. She always has her pencil somewhere on her, though don’t expect it to be in the greatest condition, and she takes notes and/or doodles everything she sees or that comes to mind. It’s not uncommon for her to be struck with inspiration in the middle of something, yell out “Research project!” and run off to investigate whatever the subject was. She is observant and detail-oriented, just this side of hypersensitive, and basically has an insatiable desire to learn, well, everything.

Long-Term Goal: To earn her doctorate in the field of Pokémon sociology, with a specialty in inter-species interaction

Part Five: Relations

Lina Karo – Nire could’ve very well been in the ‘eccentric loner’ school of Pokémon researchers… but then Lina came into her life, all blonde hair and blue eyes and makeshift straitjacket, and things were never the same. Lina basically introduced Nire to everyone she’s met since leaving home. That isn’t to say they don’t have a rapport between just the two of them, of course – they complement each other, in a comedic-foil sense, and though Nire’s a little more down-to-earth than Lina, it doesn’t mean she isn’t suckered into Lina’s schemes occasionally. Or a lot, really. Lina is the closest Nire has (or has ever had) to the typical ‘girl-friend,’ the kind you giggle and talk about boys and have sleepovers with, but more so the one you try to talk out of things but get pulled into them yourself.

Moe Nei – They share several common talking points (including Lina), they have unofficially taken on a mentor-student relationship of sorts, and their signature Pokémon are even best friends. It’s safe to say that, in their own way, they really hit it off. Nire respects Moe, but some of that does come from fear. It’s nothing personal, of course – part of it is the idea that someone her age needs a guide at all (and it is implied that Nire is Moe’s age if not older)… but mostly it’s because Nire can’t stand others seeing her weaknesses. This isn’t to say that they don’t ever get along – because they really do – just that Nire is more self-critical when around Moe. (This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as Nire will openly admit/joke that Moe’s ‘teaching [her] to be a normal person.’)

Elizabeth Woo-Tang – (proper write-up later, once we can negotiate!)

Professor Birch – He is, quite frankly, a large part of the reason Nire ever started her journey at all, regardless of her late start. She always wanted to explore and travel and get to know about different Pokémon, as opposed to the familiar and stationary future ahead of her as a ranger, but it was through contact with him that she learned it was a real possibility, and he absolutely encouraged it, letting her tag along on a few expeditions, and eventually giving her the confidence boost she needed to pursue her dream. The way he treats her is somewhere between 'mentor to protegée' and 'cool uncle to doting niece,' and being that he's someone of the male persuasion who noticed her (as these things go), she sees him through rose-colored glasses, and will admit having had a silly crush on him at one point.

Tracey Sketchit – This actually came about because Lina was already friends with Tracey from back home, and when she found that he was on his own for a while again, plus the common interests, she decided he just had to meet her new friend Nire. The way they've hit it off is... twofold. When it's business, the two of them can talk everyone else's ears off, or just go exploring somewhere, and they've decided with his sketches and her notes they can come up with amazing reports. But in purely social settings, Nire trips over her words more than usual, no thanks to a nervous giggling habit, and her enthusiasm seems to go to war with terrible self-consciousness. To try and cover for this, she has a new habit of apologizing for herself, which usually just makes things more awkward. Tracey is at a loss with this sometimes, but he's not the calmest person in the world either, (not that that makes things any easier), and personally he kind of likes the giggle... Generally, they're both grateful for topics to shift to something more comfortable, and are slowly finding ways to ease up around each other when work isn't involved. And as long as neither looks over the other's shoulder without warning when they've got pencil and paper in hand, it's working out... all right.

May – They met as children, and though they shared a love of travel, things  skidded to a screeching halt once Nire found out May didn’t like  Pokémon. She couldn’t even fathom the thought! Unable to make sense of  it, Nire decided to drag May to go see some wild Pokémon, because  clearly that would be all it took for her to see reason. The girls ended  up cornered, and if anything, Nire made things worse for May! Seeing  her now is strange, and different, but in kind of a good way, and Nire  isn’t sure what she thinks of May now, though she's pretty sure there's a  grudge there and she doesn't want to push it.

Harley – Sure, watching him from afar, one might love to hate him - but after meeting someone like that, the trope no longer applies, at least as far as Nire's concerned. She doesn't hate him, of course - she couldn't even if she wanted to, to spare Lina's feelings - but she's ill at ease when he's around. She finds him uncomfortably weird, and perhaps more relevantly, that what makes him entertaining also kind of makes him a jackass. But she won't be the one to say it, for sure!

Joshua – Professor Birch's young assistant, left more often than not to keep up the lab on his own, was unofficially adopted into the Fox family over time, if even through things like them bringing him dinner (a frequent occurrence after Mrs Fox found that Joshua had a habit of skipping meals when he was busy). It was Joshua whom Nire talked to about her ambitions most often, and Joshua who talked both Professor Birch and Nire's parents into letting her follow on a few expeditions. She regards him as what she imagines an older brother would be like, though, thanks to her metaphorical Birch-glasses, she often neglects to give Joshua the credit he deserves.
Well, for anyone who watches my scraps, things are about to get clearer. This is my semi-crack Pokemon OC. She was originally created as a blatant self-insert (hence the name, which actually was not picked by me, nor was the outfit - thanks, *MagicRinger!), but it wasn't long before she totally ran away from me. xD

It's a work in progress, of course, so always adding things. (Yes, I'm talking to you, people with OCs who want to be friends/rivals/whatever ;P)

Also, she's basically set a few years after the series proper, so Ash and co. are older, 18ish or so? (It's not waaay too much of a jump if you go by the inferred dub timeline of one region = one year, making Ash 13 as of Sinnoh iirc)
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...I love the fact that you know who Joshua is~ And he totally is adorable.

Aw, thank you! A lot of the time, I wasn't even trying to be funny, so much as just... writing things the way I would say them? I don't even know, but thank you anyway. <3
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